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PebbleTalk Enterprise Collaboration Connect - Collaborate. Deliver.

Ojas Sharma
Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Ojas Sharma
Enterprise collaboration and enterprise social solutions are the next wave in the enterprise communication and productivity arena. With businesses getting increasingly distributed and with increasing pressure on bottom-line, it’s important that enterprises adopt solutions that allow them to be agile, improve their efficiency and reduce cost. Connecting employees who are either co-located or distributed so that they can get work done faster becomes a very important goal since it can deliver significant benefits to the enterprise. Understanding the needs of enterprises, five techies - Narendra Narayana, Jayaprakash Kulkarni, Maruti Dinakar, Kalmeshwar and Santhosh Thrivikraman planned to develop an enterprise collaboration solution. Bringing their thoughts to reality, they developed a solution called PebbleTalk.

“PebbleTalk is an enterprise collaboration solution that brings the employees and management onto a single collaborative platform. PebbleTalk allows employees to discover and connect with colleagues across teams, business units and geographies,” says Narendra Narayana, Co-founder. This enables the enterprise to leverage the collective wisdom of its employees. PebbleTalk collaboration delivers improved productivity and enables an easy and effective way to gather and organize knowledge. PebbleTalk improves employee engagement and creates new ways for an enterprise to build a culture of innovation.

PebbleTalk is an excellent solution that immediately begins to deliver its benefits to an enterprise. PebbleTalk is available in both hosted as well as on-premise (within the firewall) versions. For the on-premise version, PebbleTalk integrates with Active Directory/LDAP to enable a single-sign-on. PebbleTalk has some differentiating features like the smart Microsoft Outlook add-in which allows collaboration from within Outlook clients. “PebbleTalk is also available as a Blackberry app that allows users to stay connected even if they are away from their desks. For customers that have invested in MS-Sharepoint, PebbleTalk helps customer reuse and derive greater value from their investment in MS-Sharepoint by integrating PebbleTalk with Sharepoint,”informs Santhosh Thrivikraman, Co-Founder. PebbleTalk has its own document management feature that can be used in the absence of Sharepoint. PebbleTalk delivers an aesthetic and exceptional user-experience which makes it very easy to use.

One of the recent customers is an MNC which has multiple development centers in India. They are using PebbleTalk as their collaboration platform for all their India operations. “The product has seen a significant increase in content sharing and conversations across the enterprise thus enabling content to be easily shared across silos. Such content is preserved and well-organized in PebbleTalk thus naturally creating an effective knowledge base. The customer really liked the PebbleTalk Microsoft Outlook add-in that makes collaboration extremely easy and intuitive,” says Thrivikraman.

Currently operating under the umbrella of ThinkCore Technologies, the company aims to become the leader in the enterprise collaboration market in India. For more details you can connect with santhosh.thrivikraman@thinkcoretech.com.

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