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March - 2008 - issue > Technology

MoMo Duniya

Priya Pradeep
Friday, February 29, 2008
Priya Pradeep
If you take a break on a Monday, you’ll remember it more than a regular Sunday off. For technology denizens attending a MobileMonday (MoMo) meet, which is regularly held on a Monday every month, it definitely turns out to be a break of sorts where they hope to break new ground in mobile technology.

MoMo is a global community of mobile industry visionaries, developers, and influentials fostering cooperation and cross-border business development through virtual and live networking events to share ideas, best practices, and trends from global markets. Initiated in the autumn of 2000 in Helsinki, Finland, on an accidentally planned Monday evening by a group of Finnish visionaries in a pub, the movement has spread across the globe. The Monday fixation has become the protocol of MoMo—at present the world’s leading mobile community. It is a not-for-profit organization and no revenue is made from the sponsors. MoMo approaches sponsors (IT companies) only for making available a venue to conduct the meet. The company in turn gets visibility among the mobile community for the friendly gesture.

Since 2006 in India, MoMo has brought cheers to mobile technology aficionados across Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Bangalore and Mumbai chapters are more active due to the longer legacy of software companies here.

VeerChand Bothra, Founder, MoMo Mumbai, wears his passion for MoMo on his sleeves and is infectiously energetic towards its cause. Started in July 2006, MoMo Mumbai has had an unbroken record of monthly meetings till date. “MoMo worldwide is a community of communities,” points out Bothra. “The system is decentralized and works at the grassroot level.”

Chips in Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan, Co-Founder, MoMo Bangalore, “The MoMo meetings are the perfect antidote to beat the ‘Monday Blues’ of the regular office goer, hence the objective is to give participating techies something to look forward to at the end of a regular Monday.” He continues, “The very fact that some people try to make it to the meets despite the heavy traffic on a Monday evening shows their commitment and, in toto, it is a very good filter to separate the passionate MoMo members from the rest.” MoMo is a blend of an unconference and conference at the same time; Unconference because the proceedings are deeply interactive and a conference because an expert speaker is invited to speak in depth about a topic of interest at each meeting. The speech is followed by a discussion and later a demo. The icing on the cake happens at the end when there is active networking among the new and old members.

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