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June - 2008 - issue > Technology

Mobile Startegy - The New Corporate Imperative

Vishal Singhal
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
Vishal Singhal
Mobile is a new paradigm for businesses, as it emerges as a powerful sales channel and marketing medium which these businesses must strategize and plan for. With the proliferation of data services, the mobile is slowly going to take on bigger roles in all aspects of businesses and also inevitably the consumers’ lives the world over. One is slowly reaching a point where developing a viable mobile strategy is becoming an imperative for small and large businesses for their long-term growth and sustenance.

Mobile Marketing and Messaging
Firms need to develop a powerful branding in the mobile arena. They need to clearly state how their business is relevant to the mobile users’ world and how they can leverage the latest marketing channel, the mobile device, to reach their customers, partners, and suppliers. Mobile advertisement is a new and exciting domain, which firms or businesses must master. Firms need to determine a strategy to use the mobile as a powerful advertisement medium. The mobile is penetrating a large section of the population in every country, and it is overtaking the Internet in terms of reach and scale. It is fast becoming the best way to reach a mass audience for messaging about and marketing of a firm’s products and services.

Multi-pronged approach to Mobile Marketing
Mass mobile marketing: Using SMS based marketing. In countries in the APAC region, the SMS remains the killer mobile application and businesses can leverage this to send out marketing messages to a large number of people. However, this approach has the danger that people might question unsolicited messages as spam, leading to lack of trust and efforts to prevent such marketing communication from marketers.

Permission-based marketing: In this case, customers actually sign up for receiving SMS based messaging. This signup can happen over the internet on the firm’s website, via postal solicitations, or via opt-in mobile messages.

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