Mobile App Development Strategy for Data-sensitive Demography

Mahesh Herle, Co-Founder, Goodbox
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Mahesh Herle, Co-Founder, Goodbox
Headquartered in Bengaluru, Goodbox is an online platform that enables the businesses to host their menu on the portal by creating a business profile and have an app presence in less than five minutes.

If you're into mobile app development that's mainly targeted towards the Indian consumers, then certain Internet behaviour would strongly stand out -
- Highly sensitive to data consumption
- Flaky internet/mobile connections
- Fewer automatic app-updates
- Side-loading of apps via 'Share-It'.

With this background, sending frequent app updates will not achieve what one would want - rollout newer features/capabilities to existing users. What this results in is a fragmented set of users of your app. This makes it difficult to obsolete certain parts of the app or give new functionality to entire userbase.

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