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iFocus Systec: Keenly Focusing on Adding Real Value to Customers

Brinda Das
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Brinda Das
By choosing iFocus as your IT services and consulting partner, you will discover - the power of focus, trust and certainty. The Bangalore headquartered company focuses on the creative engineering energy of software professionals to drive innovation and remain a key partner to chosen customers. Having created solid foundation with an experienced team of 225 plus strong professionals, iFocus adds real value to customers through domain expertise and solutions with proven success. The company is confident that empowering employees to believe in ideas & innovations that create immense values for customer is its key to success.

iFocus Systec was incepted in 2007 by Babu Dhammanagi, Chairman & MD, Dr. Gururaj Karajgai, a well-known socialist/motivational speaker along with focused, passionate and futuristic leading entrepreneurs. The company's success with the flexible delivery model and increasing number of contracts moving into steady state, endowed iFocus with improved net income margin. Today, iFocus continues on its growth momentum with a strong four percent Quarter-on-Quarter revenue growth along with four straight quarters of margin expansion.

Specialized Services & Solutions

The company's passion for 'Customer Satisfaction' is dedicated for delivering more values to customers. iFocus builds teams around customer's domain and technology requirements to offer specialized services and solutions ranging from digital transformation, mobility, cloud & big data analytics, SAP implementation, product development & engineering service and testing services to create end-to-end solutions. iFocus also offers flexible service models namely managed service, augmentation service, on-demand, outcome based, subscription based, factory based and consultancy based services. Driven by flexible engagement models, trust and transparency iFocus steps into customer's needs and delivers result-oriented outcomes. "iFocus brand is best described as a relationship between our employees and customers which goes beyond contracts," says Vishwanath Rumale, CEO, iFocus. The company's ISO 9001 certification reaffirms its commitment to the use of international best practice and its continuous enhancement of system and processes.

Passionate to bring about a transformation in IT field, iFocus anticipates to grow bigger in size in near future with an estimated strength of more than 500 employees, thereby also leading to the multiplication of revenue to a large extent. The company partners with technology providers to offer the best tools and technologies, with a core objective of helping customers to leverage these for operational efficiencies and better value of technology investments. iFocus' partnership with market leaders and niche players enable it to deliver a more comprehensive solution. "Our philosophy is aimed at engaging every employee at the forefront of cutting edge technologies and continuous up-skilling with training, certifications and R&D Labs at workplace that nurtures innovation" says Lakshmi Rajesh, CTO, iFocus.

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