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March - 2008 - issue > CEO Spot Light

Fabulous Prospects for Mobile Voice, Video

Nagesh Challa
Monday, March 3, 2008
Nagesh Challa
The proliferation of broadband speeds on PCs/desktops has created an explosion of applications and services, along with a predictable increase in Internet usage. The three key areas driving demand are communications (which includes person-to-person communications, such as email; instant messaging, and voice); commerce (including e-commerce and Internet advertising); and social networking, with its proliferation of communities and user-generated content,
As mobile phones become increasingly sophisticated and in turn take advantage of greater wireless throughput, all of the above Internet-centric applications also can be accessed through ubiquitous mobile devices. However, twists and turns across the wireless ecosystem create their own challenges in delivering innovative mobile data services.
But data, in the traditional sense, is not the only mobile area of interest. Traditional voice applications have a new role to play, including peer-to-peer voice messaging, peer-to-group voice messaging, and voice messaging within (traditionally text-centric) social networks. The potential exists for a new wave of voice entrepreneurs, bringing the convenience and comfort of voice to these fast-growing segments.

For instance, mobile user guides and search functions, when combined with voice messaging –perhaps even combined with video, can make for a richer user experience. As just one use case, imagine using your mobile phone to find a good restaurant; poll your social network for reviews; hear your buddy’s comments, in his or her own voice; even see videos of the site, landmarks and directions.

A significant shift in the developer’s ability to innovate is the welcome trend towards open mobile operating systems. By tearing down the walls to these platforms, operators and handset makers alike are doing their part to foster creativity and competition. Now its up to the developer community, of which Ecrio is a key part, to deliver on that promise.

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Ecrio is a provider of real time commerce and communications software for mobile phones. Investors include Nexit Ventures, Nomura Securities, Aplix, NTT DoCoMo, CSK, and JAIC.
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