Enterprise Content Management - Go Mobile or Go Bust

Nishant Patel, Founder & CTO, raw engineering
Monday, August 11, 2014
Nishant Patel, Founder & CTO, raw engineering
Founded in 2007, raw engineering is a San Francisco based technology company specializing in mobile app and web application development in the cloud.

The convergence of web, mobile and other devices has created a shift in how we think about content management. Content stewards now need to be able to seamlessly manage content across many platforms without requiring developers to make any code changes. In order to facilitate this, next generation content management systems (CMS) need to separate code from content so business users can focus on the content and developers can focus on the code.

This separation of code from content enables users to maintain centralized content that is utilized across all platforms. In other words, you don't have to manage web and mobile separately, as a business user you simply are able to change content once, and it propagates according to user-set business rules.

This is especially important as the number of content channels increase - for many businesses over half of content is already consumed via mobile. The challenge is that most enterprise CMS software products already come bundled with so much functionality that the average user is no longer able to carry out simple content management tasks in a timely manner, let alone manage content across multiple channels.

After spending years implementing legacy CMS products for enterprises, our team realized that the key to an effective content management system was not to add more capabilities into the CMS itself. When we eventually decided to build our mobile-first CMS contentstack.io, we chose a different architecture. We asked our customers what the essential features of today and tomorrow's CMS were to them. Then, we doubled down on those features by implementing them directly in the CMS. Other common, but extraneous functionality is enabled via integrations (let's face it, Google Analytics is the gold standard of web analytics, so why cram subpar analytics functionality into a CMS if you can simply integrate the best tool there is today?).

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