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November - 2009 - issue > Top 25 Most Promising E-Commerce Companies

eRevMax Creating New Vista in the Hospitality Industry

Sudarshan Kumar
Sunday, November 1, 2009
Sudarshan Kumar
With the growing importance of online distribution and channel management in the hospitality industry, stakeholders in the segment - like hoteliers, need effective solutions to make fast and informed decision so they can offer best deals to their customers which in turn will help them reap in the maximum possible revenue available. Indeed today it has become imperative for hotels to manage rates and availability across a greater number of websites to increase bookings to remain competitive in the market.

eRevMax has been helping the hospitality segment maximize revenues since 2001. New Jersey based eRevMax is playing a key role in creating a wide range of technology products for the worldwide hospitality industry to improve revenue opportunities available online. The company works directly with travel sites, CRS, PMS and RMS companies amongst other travel related organizations, to provide revenue and distribution management tools to hoteliers and revenue managers.

Operating in 60 countries and 415 cities across the world, its products have become the industry-wide benchmark for managing online distribution. The eRevMax product brands – RateTiger and SimpleDistribution, help hoteliers to understand their market position and formulate an online sales strategy relevant to current market conditions.

Channel management tools enable user hotels to consolidate information on competitor rates across multiple distribution channels as well as update their own rates on various sites, centrally, through a single interface. With more than 500 distribution websites connected to its RateTiger suite of products, hoteliers enjoy additional benefit of having access to various channels and travel portals. Hoteliers can easily update selected channels, report on bookings, calculate rates, and gather rate data to benchmark competitors. The RateTiger portfolio works in real-time to provide accurate and representative information and functionality for online sales and revenue opportunities. RateTiger also has a dedicated 24/7 Technical and Customer Support team to ensure all clients can maximize the use of the online channel management tools.

Few months back, the company introduced RTSuite to further improve efficiency in online benchmarking, channel management, alerts and booking reporting allowing a flexible a-la carte subscription with multiple application options. As consumer bookings are continuing to move online, hoteliers demand for fully equipped channel management solutions increases. Such online revenue management tools need to be flexible enough so that they can be tailored to specific business objectives in order to support hotels properly. Hence RTSuite was conceived to provide access to all functions RateTiger has built so far allowing hoteliers to choose exactly what they need.

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