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Clicklytics: Effective Revenue Management Techniques for the Hospitality Industry

Kanak Prabha
Monday, February 9, 2015
Kanak Prabha
High degree of customer experience and customer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand for the hotel industry. Managing online reviews and customer feedback has become the need of the hour for them. With the invention of new ways to explore travel choices, its mere necessary for companies to make sure that their reputation is positive. What past guests talk about the hotel to their friends and social circle is more important than what the company's transactions have to say. The experience a guest has with the hotel staff provides an opportunity to build loyalty. Helping hotels build such strong relationships with their guests is Bangalore based Clicklytics, which has been providing unparalleled solutions and services to hotels of all sizes.

The company has a clear vision of creating a cloud based technology ecosystem for hotels that constitute a comprehensive hotel ERP system, real time centralized reservation system, wholesale distribution and retailing of hotel rooms through the potential of Internet, local, mobile and social media channels. With an aim to bring all stakeholders of the hospitality segment � the hotels, hotel guests, travel agents & corporate clients on the same platform, Clicklytics has built an ecosystem where information flows in real time and is mutually beneficial to everyone. Online presence management, digital marketing, distribution, outsourced reservation office and analytics and guest tracking are some of the revenue maximization services provided by Clicklytics that are required for hotels to run smoothly. The company's differentiated range of products includes web module, booking engine module, analytics module and materialization module.

Tailored to the industry's culture and best practices, Clicklytics understands the organizational processes and delivers products keeping the unique needs of their clients in mind. At the helm of this innovation is the founder Rajesh Kumar Kotta, whose passion is strongly invested in the hospitality industry. Talking about the idea behind incepting the company, Rajesh says, "We began with the vision to be the central reservation system for the hotels in India and to provide real time revenue management & inventory management solution for the hoteliers. To be able to do this, we realize that the hotels need an efficient system to be able to connect in real time with the central reservation. Therefore, we provide services that acts like a magic wand to fulfill the hospitality industry's desired needs on real time basis".

The company which was incepted in 2008 is growing at a rate of 6X in a year and their net run rate is about Rs.36 crores. Having hospitality ecosystem ingrained in their DNA, the company boasts of a rich record of 3,000+ clients, 13,000+ Hotels in Travel Kosha CRS - a Clicklytics' flagship platform that interconnects the hostel systems & booking channels in a timely manner - and 1500+ customers for Online Booking Engine. Clicklytics aims to provide cloud based solutions, social media and mobile based solutions. The company aspires to touch Rs.100 crores in the next 12 months. With four countries under their firm foothold, the company plans to expand to South America, North Africa, North West Africa, Middle East and South East Asia and Western Europe in its near future.

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