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CipherCloud: Delivering Cloud Security & Data Protection to Businesses Adopting the Cloud

Kavitha G.
Monday, February 9, 2015
Kavitha G.
Cloud, which was simply a buzzword in the IT industry until five years ago, is now a must for all businesses. However, while the cloud is a great boon to businesses by enabling process innovation, reducing costs, and cutting time to market, it also introduces data security, privacy and residency risks. In order to address these risks, security visionary Pravin Kothari, founded CipherCloud in 2010. He introduced data protection for the cloud by solving the long time security dilemma of applying encryption to the structured and unstructured field level while preserving cloud application functionality. Since then, the company has dramatically expanded its portfolio including the leading cloud security platform for the cloud application visibility, data protection and cloud activity monitoring.

Since inception, the California headquartered company has been protecting information from all sorts of security and regulatory compliance challenges that can hinder an organization's growth. With two rounds of investments from premier venture capital firms including And reessen Horowitz, the four-year young cloud security company has doubled its employee and customer base and is growing more than 100 percent year-over-year. The company's strong start earned it a 'Cool Vendor' title from Gartner and its continued successes have reaped more and more top accolades, including IDC 'Cool Vendor', 'Best Emerging Technology' and 'Information Security Product of the Year' awards (SC Magazine), and SESAMES 'IT Security' award among others.

The cloud security platform started with providing strong data protection for the cloud and expanded to include security controls, including searchable strong encryption, tokenization, and data loss prevention (DLP), as well as cloud application discovery, and user activity monitoring and anomaly detection. The platform delivers visibility into all cloud applications in use, assesses the risks and protects the data before it goes to the cloud. The platform also enables organizations to effectively protect sensitive data, whether structured or unstructured, on a field-by-field basis through encryption and or tokenization. As a result users can still search, sort, report and perform other mission-critical data processing functions in the cloud with their data fully protected. CipherCloud delivers the promise of enabling customers to reap the advantages of cloud by removing the security, privacy, compliance and residency roadblocks. With deep integration with cloud providers, including Salesforce, Box, Service Now, Office365 & AWS, CipherCloud today serves three million business users around the globe across 13 industries, including leading financial services, healthcare, high technology, telecommunications, retail and government agencies.

"Strong collaboration is foundational to CipherCloud's success," proclaims Pravin Kothari, Founder, Chairman & CEO, CipherCloud. The team, spearheaded by Pravin, collaborates closely despite a global network of offices spread across North America, the EU and APAC, with a continuous endeavor of securely enabling cloud. "We are firing on all cylinders � from the world class customers we land to the stream of positive stories we receive to the many investors and job seekers interested in joining this rocket-ship," he further adds. The company continues to extend its leadership by with the most innovative cloud security platform in the market.

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