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Chai Point: Fuelling a Nation with Perfect Cups of Chai

si Team
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
si Team
Chai Point is the single largest tea retailer in India providing customers with great tasting chai no matter where they are. Beginning with the first pilot micro hub on 2010, this tech-driven venture has become the go-to brand for a perfectly brewed cup of chai with over 1.5 lakh cups of chai sold every day. With over 600 employees across 6 cities, and 100 outlets, Chai Point is the official beverage partner for 200 corporate companies, fuelling the workdays of their employees.

With an estimated 911 million kilograms of chai consumed every year and valued at Rs. 33,000 crores, the tea market in India is massive. Chai Point's vision is to be an enabler for progressive Indians by providing them with a perfectly brewed, fresh and natural cup of tea along with made for chai snacks. Chai Point was awarded the best outperforming commercial partner in 2014 and 2016 at the BIAL Pinnacle Awards.

Technology-Based Beverage Pioneer

Since its inception, Chai Point has set new standards as a technology-based beverage pioneer in India. Its latest innovation is the country's first 100 percent automatic L2C (leaf-to-cup) tea dispenser. Freshly brewed using tea leaves and completely natural ingredients, the sleek and sophisticated dispenser ensures that tea breaks at the office aren't dependent on premixes or microwaved tea anymore. Founder & CEO, Amuleek Singh Bijral, says, "Besides revolutionising the taste of chai at work, the dispenser's one-of-its-kind IOT capability makes it easy to keep track of logistical details through a centralised dashboard - from the number of cups of chai that have been consumed to any servicing needs that might arise. This dispenser is great step in using technology to provide high quality, great tasting chai no matter where you are". The centralised dashboard also ensures that the post-sales service is excellent and the turnaround on any redressal needs is quick. Not just that, it gives instant access to payment and billing information on the cloud, making it a breeze to keep track of.

Chai Point's first path breaking, core innovation - the heat-retaining disposable flask is integral to its delivery service, Chai-on-Call. Designed painstakingly to meet highest quality standards, the flask solved the issue of delivery of chai without compromising on taste and quality. The trailblazing product retains heat for 45-60 minutes and despite being a use-and-throw flask, all five layers of the pouch are approved for food industry usage with the innermost layer being certified free of harmful BPAs.

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