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Akash Nigam
Founder-Blend Systems,Inc
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Akash Nigam
KLD (Kick, Lead and Dream) was a jump start of the entrepreneurship, soccer being one of my passions. It was a little different almost kind of a non-profit, voluntarily run organization. To get a tangible value in a real consumer facing world, I started Blend Systems. As I see at Blend which is more consumer oriented, there a number of trends that we see in this industry right now, there are different kinds of communication out in the market, messaging obviously is having a massive implication. I think we are shaping our industry by having a lot of different companies with innovative messaging. Messaging has definitely influenced how companies change their format and try getting some kind of social interaction whether they are enterprise or consumer based firms. Other trends in forms of communication are of live streaming. I think media has a lot of influence to what people are receptive to but we can see that people are trying to explore path for fast video causing for the action of live streaming. The form of communication has certainly evolved as we look back over the years.

Massage for budding entrepreneurs

Ideas are commodities, and if you have an idea, what's going to make it valuable is going ahead and building it. I would say just learn how to code or be just a technical background. For budding entrepreneurs, the environment is advantageous because they understand the trend better than anybody else.

It is very important to have a supporting cast who understand this industry and then go out with expectation and work just having fun to build something good and if it doesn't work then find and move on to something next. Just because you know you are intelligent and young enough to make something work.

The Rewarding thing

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