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ANTZ: The ELIXIR in the Realm of PLM

Anamika Sahu
Friday, April 17, 2015
Anamika Sahu
It's an excruciating but a veracious fact that SMEs across the globe are being overlooked by biggies of the technology realm. This leads to a serious discrepancy among the big and the small players in the industry. The case is no different when it comes to PLM where several Tier II and Tier III suppliers who are fervent to implement PLM are left without adequate support by large PLM providers. But ANTZ, an Agra and Bengaluru based PLM solutions provider who doesn't look at PLM solutions as just an implementation but as a process that can transform the client's business, chisels PLM solutions not just for the bigwigs but for the SMEs too.

Breaking the traditional route, PLM is making inroads into the non-traditional areas including Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Process industries, Engineering Procurement and Construction. SMEs too are witnessing the RoI in implementing PLM solutions to manage their quality processes as CXOs are realizing that PLM is an absolute must if they need to scale up and move up the value chain. ANTZ is well positioned to cater to the requirements for the next growth spurt in the PLM market. The company has lately put its feet in the SME segment to help them manage their Quality Management Process like APQP, Project and Document management for NPD, BOM management, CAD integration and automation, sourcing and Quality and Environment compliance.

While there are companies who struggle to implement and use PLM effectively due to poor implementation and not having a clear roadmap for their PLM implementation, ANTZ being a product agnostic service provider leverages the existing organizational landscape in providing the most cost effective and optimal solution to its clients to address their short term and long term business requirements. For instance, a large automotive supplier in India took a long time preparing for their TS16949 certification and quality documentation. They had a tough time managing their change management and document management process which resulted in high cost of ownership. The highly experienced group of PLM experts from ANTZ successfully implemented PLM and enabled PLM processes within three weeks from start of implementation while successfully consolidating all their project data into the PLM application. This significantly reduced the preparation time for an audit from a month to a few days and enabled the client to meet all the compliance requirements for their quality audit, hence reducing the cost of ownership and program management time drastically.

"Our USP is that we deliver using a consultative approach to implementing PLM, providing a holistic solution in all our PLM engagements starting from understanding the customer's business process, mapping them to PLM applications, architecting the solution, implementation, training and post implementation support," says Abhay Chaturvedi, Partner, ANTZ.

This is just one case of instance where the company helped its clients to significantly improve their quality scores. There are several such cases to testify the glory of ANTZ which includes some of the large companies in the field of automotive, aerospace and defense, power industry and engineering, procurement & construction. The company has the legacy of taking complete ownership of all its projects. "Integrity in whatever we set out to do is one of our core values. We always believe in working as a partner with our clients ensuring that every project is successful," explains Sudarshan, Partner, ANTZ.

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