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October - 2008 - issue > STARTUP CITY


Jayakishore Bayadi
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Jayakishore Bayadi
Interacting with computers without any mechanical interface is still a distant dream. A recent Gartner report says that some of the many challenges in this area include the ability to detect gestures, developing a gesture dictionary and the need for real-time processing. Another set of challenges relate to natural language processing (NLP), which include speech synthesis, speech recognition, natural language understanding, natural language generation, machine translation and translating one natural language into another.

Here is a startup called ALABOT, which hopes to address this hitch. It is building an interface that is intuitive and intelligent and requires no learning curve. The startup aims to bring the advantage of natural language processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to most regularly used applications like Instant Messengers and Mobile phones so that Alabot can behave in exactly the same way you would with a friend. “It mimics human interaction,” says Akshat Shrivastava, CEO. It guides the user through the whole process - leaving the user to concentrate on what he really wants from the ecosystem. Alabot, which was in stealth mode for 1.5 years, was started as a confluence of entrepreneurial flair, and intelligence, with its two partners Akshat Shrivastava and Gaurav Prasad.

Pune, India
Ala, a product which can facilitate Search / Buy / Sell / Talk / network / learn / Create Communities. Currently on gtalk (Alabot.travel@gmail.com), coming soon as a widget, SMS and WAP portal and on Yahoo, MSN and Skype Messengers
CEO—Akshat Shrivastava CTO—Gaurav Prasad

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