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Addteq: Powering Agile Software Development Process through Attlassian Efficiency

si Team
Monday, July 18, 2016
si Team
With 10 years of successful operations and an enviable stature of first ever Platinum-certified Atlassian expert in India, Addteq - an Agile transformation enabler - needs no introduction. As a responsive and sophisticated leader in the Atlassian community, this MNC has emerged as a trusted ally in Agile, DevOps and ALM realms, helping its clients to effectively enable software configuration, build automation, infrastructure automation, release management and above all, end-to-end enterprise agility. "We mainly target enterprise agility, wherein we focus on deploying Agile across enterprises and across criticalities that cover proactive management of requirement, product, test, portfolio, release and customer support services," explains Surinderpal Kumar, CEO, Addteq.

An Agile Pioneer

In a software development and product management domain largely driven by the discrete specialty vendors for providing Agile technology, process and culture trainings, Addteq has established itself as a niche one-stop consulting provider, leveraging the best of all the three worlds. As an Enterprise Atlassian expert, the company deploys advanced technologies like JIRA and rest of Atlassian eco-system, thereby powering the global Agile software development teams to adopt, install, customize, migrate or integrate complex workflows to provide simple, integrated and access-anywhere solutions. "We have done various implementations, as complex as forJIRA instance size 20,000 users and we have helped them in the roll outs for easier implementation," affirms Surinderpal. To make the whole process a hassle-free experience, the company compliments the Attlassian tools by building custom plugins, which cover top-notch products like Excellentable (for Atlassian confluence), Productize with JIRA, Unstoppable (for Confluence and JIRA) and few others.

It's all about Customers

Having clients and their satisfaction as its paramount axiom, Addteq works closely with each client to understand the pulse and requirements of their clients. Based on the scrutiny, the company projects timeline and estimated cost, while continuously reviewing the performance through feedback and discussions. Its Agile solutions are custom tailored for each client and segment mandate, while the clients are endowed with an access to choose from them or have them all, at a premium rate ($120/hour compared to $20/hour by other vendors).

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