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YOMA Multinational Solutions: A Perfect Combination of 3 P's - People, Process & Platform

Rashmisree Deb
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
From being a mere operational department to a strategic business partner, the role of an HR has been gaining more momentum over the years. Outsourcing further donned the cap of 'Harbinger of Change' as it simplified the burdensome, yet imperative processes, thereby helping HR teams to keep a singular focus on driving strategic outcomes and maximizing their productivity. According to a research from Global Industry Analysts, the global HRO industry is forecasted to increase to a whopping $162 billion in 2015. Amongst the mind-boggling numbers of HRO professionals, YOMA Multinational Solutions is a name worth mentioning. Incepted in the year 2012, YOMA started off on the right foot with a mission to help organizations realize their full people potential by helping them find the right talent, train and develop the skills of their people to maximize business and people results business success.

With several promoters driven startups venturing into the market, in the race to win the hearts of their prospective clients through their personal touch, they often overlook the essence of architecting platforms and fail to meet their demands. But YOMA, with a vast pool of experience and platform driven approach, helps these startups to trim their account servicing and account management cost to deliver finest service with a personal touch.

The Exceptional Platform

YOMA has raised the bar to exceed customers expectations by offering best-of-breed solutions in four niche areas � employment (permanent & temporary staffing), employability (skill based assessment & training), platform (TRACK-SMART, V-IRING, Health Track & Payroll) and consulting advisory solutions. The company's forte lies in building platforms of tomorrow which will support various functions of HR throughout their lifecycle.

TRACK-SMART � a revolutionary initiative � provides a comprehensive web based application portal enriched with wide spectrum of features and services. V-IRING � acronym of Video Hiring � is a platform driven solution that integrates interview, assessment and recruitment through video hiring. The company's proven mettle also lies in offering complete Payroll services including salary processing, leave calculation, PF, ESI & IT deduction, associated MIS and reporting. Thus, with a perfect combination of 3 P's � People, Process and Platform, YOMA has carved a niche within the industry by linking employment to employability.

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