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Vdopia raises Rs 20 Crore in Series A Funding

si Team
Friday, January 4, 2013
si Team
California headquartered Vdopia, an online and mobile video monetization player was recently funded Rs.20 Crore in their Series-A round by Nexus Venture Partners. Along with the investment, Vdopia appointed Rohit Sharma as its new President and CEO. Rohit hopes that the funding will help Vdopia to further accelerate and consolidate its leadership position.

Vdopia is an online video advertising platform with a range of advertising formats for content online. It recently partnered with Ten Sports and NBCU for live webcasting of cricket matches in India. It also operates the iPhone advertising network iVdopia in the U.S. with the Pre-App and In-App video advertising formats. Some of its recent innovations like Talk2Me ad platform, Live Streaming Ad Insertion, Video pre rolls, have helped them in the video monetization market.

"Online Video advertising in India is growing at 300 percent. Vdopia Ads are complimenting the TV Campaigns and are now must buy for marketers," echoes Vdopia co-founder Saurabh Bhatia.

Vdopia aims to provide a platform for advertisers looking to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers and to respond to emerging technologies. As more consumers come online and spend an increasing amount of time online, Vdopia hopes to drive the monetization of this market trend. "This investment by Nexus will give us the resources to execute our growth plans and transform the advertising experience for brand advertisers and consumers alike," says Sharma.

Vdopia enables television quality content to be delivered online supported by a wide variety of advertising formats including all video and rich-media display advertising while delivering single platform solutions for content owners and publishers that matches the consumer expectations and is rooted in next-generation and highly scalable cloud-based computing platform. Unlike other Internet advertising solutions, the company’s integrated video and advertising platform offers the complete range of engaging ad formats, including ad insertion in live streams for broadcast.

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