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March - 2009 - issue > People Manager

Trusting Relationships at Work

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Sunday, March 1, 2009
C Mahalingam (Mali)
The leadership Guru, Prof. Warren Bennis speaks of four leadership competencies to be successful. And this is based on a study he did with 90 plus leaders with proven track record. According to him, what contrasts good managers and true leaders is that the latter affect the culture. They are also social architects of their organizations as they create and maintain values. After years of observation and conversation, Bennis defines the following competencies as crucial:
* Management of attention
* Management of meaning
* Management of trust
* Management of self

While all the four competencies are needed in the right proportion, I would keep the focus of this column on the 'management of trust'. If we take a look at what the industry is going through as a result of a slowing down economy, there is a lot of discomfort and disbelief that everyone is experiencing. At times like this, leaders across different levels - front line supervisors to the Chief Executive - are called upon to practice the management of trust more than any other competence.

Trust is Not Built Overnight
Trust, of course, is a key cornerstone of an organization’s culture, and it cannot be created overnight. Trust is built and strengthened by many small and big actions leaders in an organization perform day in and day out. Trust is often compared to fine chinaware. Like a beautiful piece of chinaware, trust must be handled with the care it deserves; once broken, it is extremely difficult to rebuild. Therefore, leaders have the extra burden to promote, preserve, and enhance trust in every way they can.

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