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Trendwise Analytics: Decoding the Big Data Puzzle

Dylan D'Souza
Monday, December 9, 2013
Dylan D'Souza
With the advent of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter and the amount of time people spend on them, a huge amount of customer data is generated. If harnessed in the right way this data can help enterprises design their products better. Using this treasure of user data enterprises can also come closer to their employees which can create a well functioning organization. However the amount of data available is mind boggling and companies have a tough time sifting through it to make sense of it. "In the past few years there has been a huge growth in the volume of structured and unstructured data. With the unstructured information being available through text, audio and video files, companies are finding it difficult to sift through the data," says Mohan Kumar, CEO and co-founder of Trendwise Analytics, a big data startup that helps enterprises get a meaningful understanding of the data.

Kumar, a CRM industry veteran combined his deep industry expertise and understanding of the market’s needs to build a well positioned startup that along with its semantic and text mining technology analyzes the huge piles of information from the social media websites and come up with solutions for its clients. Founded in 2011, Trendwise also helps clients have a better understanding of their employees’ views and get closer to them.
Trendwise is recognized as one of the Top 10 most promising Big Data firms in India.

The Unique Factors

The company unlike its competitors has end to end capabilities in the Big Data space which extends from platforms to applications. This has been one of their major strengths. “When a client wants a solution to a Big Data problem, we have the capability to build a complete application which requires a whole gamut of skills including statistical and web development skills which we possess ," explains Kumar.

The company's expertise in Customer Relationship Management of customer analytics is another major strength. Prior to founding Trendwise, Kumar, was the Vice President of CRM development at SAP Labs which helped him gain a strong CRM background. Owing to his experience the company understands how to provide a 360 degree view of customers also known as customer analytics – by combining customer data existing in silos.

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