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Transformation of Corporate Software for a Connected World

Sanjay Dhawan
President and CEO-Symphony Teleca Corporation
Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Sanjay Dhawan
Headquartered in Palo Alto, Symphony Teleca Corporation delivers products combined with contemporary product development, systems integration, analytics and managed services to several
organizations globally. With 35 offices worldwide, the company employs over 6,100 employees.

The $120 billion a year global enterprise software industry is in a period of rapid transition, with more and more companies and industries being run on software and delivered as an online service to a widening range of connected devices. Advances in processing, mobile devices, wireless networking, the Internet and other technologies have fundamentally eliminated the defenses of established industries, and software companies face unprecedented opportunities in the years ahead. But to thrive, independent software vendors (ISVs) must fundamentally transform their traditional design, development and commercialization strategies and processes to be successful in today’s highly connected world. There are many dimensions to this required transformation, however six are clearly the most common today.

Incorporating New User Interface Design and Technology:

The staggering growth of Smartphones, tablets and other connected devices create a range of new usability challenges for a consistent, cross-platform experience while providing complete enterprise application functionality to the end user across devices. Differences in screen size, processing, power, wireless performance, gesture and new user interfaces (UIs) such as advanced haptics and more create a clear competitive need to leverage the latest in UI design and usability best practices.

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