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Towards building an ideal Workplace

Sudheesh Venkatesh
Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Sudheesh Venkatesh
An ideal workplace, Utopian as some might argue, is not built overnight. It is created over many years through a combination of continuous improvements, radical innovation & careful branding. An ideal workplace is the outcome of key people promises being fulfilled – an interesting job, a manager who supports, an opportunity to get on and to be treated with trust and respect. In an ideal workplace employees are engaged, proud & less likely to leave.

It starts with the mix of people:

The workplace is the collective of the people we hire. It has a life & has its own DNA. An organization is like a well maintained garden, where the right seeds are sown, plants are nurtured, variety is encouraged and weeds are removed. Similarly, to create an ideal workplace, we pick talented people with matching values, develop them, foster diversity & manage out people who do not pull their weight.

In an ideal workplace, people know what is in & what is out:

Companies that have got close to creating an ideal workplace have repeatedly drummed into their people what is in & what is out. In such companies, people march to the same beat, while retaining their fierce individuality. Everyone, regardless of their job, their position or country follows the core values of the company.

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