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The Technology of Biometrics

Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques Identification Solutions
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Tamaal Roy, CEO, Biomatiques Identification Solutions
Headquartered in Surat, India, Biomatiques Identification Solutions specializes in Iris Recognition Technology company that enables businesses to keep a track of its employees through cutting-edge solutions like Biometric Iris Scanners, Iris Time and Attendance Systems, and Iris Access Control

Biometrics is the science of using automated methods of identifying or authenticating the identity of a living person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. There are various methods which prevail in the biometric identification industry which include voice, fingerprint, facial recognition, gait and palm. However, in comparison to all of these, iris recognition technology is far more accurate. Iris recognition uses random textures that are visible in the eye, using the eye to confirm one's identity.

Unlike the other forms of biometrics, iris patterns are far more random and unique. An algorithm is created to map the random pattern and then generate unique biometric template for human identification which is unique for every individual. Practically no human can have the same iris pattern what so ever. Speaking in terms of the software, False Rejection Rate (FRR) of the iris recognition technology is 1:1,50,0000, finger print - 1:10,000, Apple touch pad - 1:50,000, which means the chances of error are 1 in 1.5 million.

In today's times, hacking systems or breaking security codes has become quite easy. With the right tools anyone can fake an identity and get access. It is not difficult to steal an access card, to crack a security code, to fake a voice or finger prints. Even getting entry in a secure access area or getting access to a bank, email account or social networking account is not such a tough nut to crack. The eye opening breakthrough technology of iris recognition is set to replace the fingerprint technology.

The latest innovation of iris technology will be useful in day to day lives. It can be fixed outside the door and used for key less entry. It can double up as additional security for mobiles and personal computers and even apps, email clients and social networking websites. Iris recognition technology eradicates manual validation and proxies, encourages punctuality and efficiency in schools and organizations where capturing attendance is mandatory. It can be further used for forensic & criminal investigation, for security checks at airports and border security. It can also be useful at data centers, labs, hospitals, banks and utility centers.

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