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Technology Usage for Mankind

Mayur Danait, CIO, Lupin
Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Mayur Danait, CIO, Lupin
Mumbai based Lupin Ltd. (LUPIN.NS) (LUPIN.BO)is a transnational pharmaceutical company which is the second largest Indian pharmaceutical company by market capitalization. The current market cap of the company is $428.87billion.

Any field bereft of technology implementation is sure to be obsolete in their respective market space. Realizing this, we made efficient investment on the technology trends like cloud, mobility, analytics and social. We had leveraged technologies which are aligned to our business requirements. Among these technologies, mobile application is more compelling and had facilitated us to scale our products in very reasonable costs.

When deploying the traditional "feet on the street" model was proving futile. We are working towards augmenting productivity by leveraging Salesforce mobile technology. Mobile applications had enhanced interaction with our stakeholders whether it is doctor, patient or healthcare provider. For example, daily call reporting to a doctor by any chemist is now easily handled through mobility.

Mobility had also enabled heightened warehousing management by integrating with barcode technology. It ensures that when we scan a product, the right product is entered without the possible human error. Our bulk of investment scores here as it enhance our productivity. Using mobile apps and electronics product brochures is proving far much easier to deliver medical representatives with the product information.

We are a pharma company, where our products have a direct bearing on the consumers' health. Hence, it becomes our prime responsibility to strictly follow the regulatory authority. We are subject to audit from the regulatory authority both from India and global overseas. We put a significant effort to strengthen the overall governance processes by ensuring that our system are compliant from the regulatory standpoint and hence the integrity of the system remains intact. In addition, we automated some of our key processors in the quality assurance side. There are process control, process change, control management, and deviation management to ensure that these transactions remain transparent, robust, and reliable. The integrity of any system is a deciding parameter for the credibility of the processes and hence enhancing the compliance.

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