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December - 2013 - issue > CIO Insights

Technology Differentiates Industry Value

Francis Rajan
CIO-Bangalore International Airport ltd
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Francis Rajan
Cloud technology is here to stay. Today it is a major role player in the current market bringing different flavors to the enterprise industries. One major issue in current affairs is service providers who are specialized under different platforms and skills need dynamic standardization drivers and innovative solutions with less maintenance cost to make them growing with better services. With this scenario service providers are hosting their servers outside the country and even the enterprise management has reservations of data residing outside the country.

With the pure cloud structure service providers are enduring with complex and tricky license formation which making them to exit due to poor financial performance and migration challenge. Indirectly it is affecting large number of enterprises who are depending on IT services. While enterprises look for the value proposition in availing hybrid Cloud Services, they should extend the efforts and assurance of standards adherence in processes and confirm easy risk perception that persists and also the cost effective if there is true value proposition to convince the Executive management.

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technology growing in the market and political stability of the technology plays a vital role in deciding the technology to be involved in the business. Incorporating latest technology into an enterprise makes industries different in service providing and competitive in the market which engrosses the new customers and gives better experience for existing customers which is main goal of enterprises. Mobility solution is also a technology which is to be reckoned with as it is booming its requirement in the younger generation. Especially users of service industry related to Airports and Airlines Passengers and services expect real time updates and ability to do transactions like booking has become a need for anytime and anywhere consumption of services.

Businesses need to aggregate data points, then slice up and view the information in different prisms with respect to growth in data. The dimensional data then helps to trend and identify patterns and use the information for enhanced business outcomes. To influence the technology, Business Analytics is needed to translate and use timely information to take appropriate action. Based on the nature of industry, Big Data contributes to the stack of data and so to leverage the technology. Social Business is something every enterprise need come on board in the next few years if not already done and it also needs to be viewed from the context of Brand Advocacy.

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