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July - 2008 - issue > Company Spotlight

Suksh: Betting High on Realty

Vimali Swamy
Wednesday, July 2, 2008
Vimali Swamy
In recent years, India has witnessed a boom in real estate business, both industrial and commercial. A recent survey has estimated that the Indian real estate is poised to become a $90 billion market in the next 10 years. Many companies have taken a plunge to cash in on this sector, and one among these is the 2-month-old real estate services company – Suksh Technology. Founded by Shreyans Chopra, CEO, and Bhushan Patil, COO, Suksh is a Bangalore headquartered startup formed to develop various technology and web solutions for the realty vertical, primarily focusing at Indian PC and Internet users.

Suksh is currently developing one of its key products, My100floors.com, a web portal that will not only allow consumers to do a map based property search but also rent, buy, or sell properties. It will be commercially available in a few months down the lane.

Though there are already many other companies like 99acres.com, MagicBricks.com, and India Properties in the same space for some time that offer similar services, the founders do not feel threatened. “Real estate is a huge space and the players are very few. My100floors.com is just the first offering to handshake with the consumers from Suksh, our other services will be launched in the long run. Also, Internet based realty services still have not taken flight as they do not cover the realty space in it’s entirety. Hence, It gives us plenty of time to develop our services and grab a niche market for ourselves,” explains Patil. Prior to founding Suksh, Patil led product and business roles in his earlier companies and has a deep knowledge in online consumer services from his experiences at Yahoo, Talisma, Zapak, Reliance Entertainment, and some other Silicon Valley based companies.

Suksh sets itself apart by targeting multiple areas of realty with a common platform. With a charter to venture into consumer friendly applications it will be coming out with various online and offline software products and services targeting Indian consumers. One such thing is partnering with various builders, government bodies, and IPCs providing consumers accurate information regarding the properties in terms of price, legal complications, and other such things. “We want consumers to identify My100floors.com as a benchmark, using whose information they can deal in property without falling pray to the schemes of black marketers and brokers,” says Patil. Often, a common man is not aware of the legal necessities that one must check for when buying a property. Suksh plans to start consulting services for consumers with respect to real estate.

Another service is ‘Realty Promotions’ – an offline initiative run by my100floors that would have monthly and annual offline properties offering platforms to user segments like sellers, owners, builders, agents, and the consumers. But its major project is a stealth realty portal that is a mass realty online and offline play driven by stats and data. “This project is under wraps currently and there is a lot of time before it takes off commercially,” says Chopra.

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