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February - 2014 - issue > 10 Most Promising Semiconductor Companies

Sibridge Technologies: Enhancing the SoCs

SI Team
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
SI Team
SoC technology has a great ability to pack more processing power and memory into smaller, faster and more portable devices. However, the semiconductor industry is facing constant challenges as the design times are continually pressurized by time to market requirements and increasing complexity. Ahmadabad based Sibridge Technologies provides innovative value added solutions for design, verification, and embedded systems development to worldwide semiconductors and electronic product companies. The company offers a unique blend of three critical components in the development of SoCs: design and verification IP portfolios; strong chip design, integration and verification expertise; and embedded systems hardware and software design and validation for streaming media, wireless and networking applications.

Founded in 2007, the company offers an industry leading portfolio of design IP cores for applications involving use of controllers, interfaces and peripherals. These proven cores can be readily integrated in design to reduce time to market. It also offers a wide portfolio of designs to enable customers to develop complex SoC based solutions for wireless, networking and streaming media applications.

Lead by CEO Rajesh Shah, the team at Sibridge is well versed in development of multi-layer, multi-processor high speed board with capabilities of working on various real-time operating systems, drivers and BSP (Board Support Package). The team offers its customers with superior knowledge of implementing variety of middleware components like protocols, communication stacks, audio video codes and algorithm. The combined embedded solution package allows customers with superior product sustenance solutions that include feature enhancement, cost reduction, and maintenance of new product line.

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