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June - 2006 - issue > Sage Speak

Sage Speak

ST Team
Thursday, June 1, 2006
ST Team
Today's Investment Tomorrow's reward

Success never comes through short cuts. One has to strive hard and invest in himself to achieve it. That is what Amar Mutt, Chief Executive Officer of Afila Technologies did years ago and still continues. And today he is reaping the fruit of that investment. He says, Before you start off, take a decision whether you want to take a reward today or you’ll invest in yourself today and take long-term reward.

His fascination for computer networking since his engineering days attracted him towards Bangalore-based Interact Communications in 1990. Though everyone suggested that he try his hand in big organizations like Wipro and Infosys, he was clear with his ideas. Mutt says, “I knew that I could learn more while working with a smaller company rather than with a big company.” In 16 years of his professional life, he has always believed that technology is bigger than brand. One can retain the knowledge base even after 13-14 years if he or she is a part of a focused group. Technical knowledge can go places if one focuses properly. That thought triggered a dream to become his own boss and he learnt the mantras for that while being a part of Hewlett Packard, Singapore.

However, people relate startup companies with risk factor and they prefer to look for a secure job. “For me security is the knowledge that I gain. I believe that if you are not marketable after 10-15 years of experience then you are not on right path,” voices Mutt. What is important is to believe in yourself and never give up. Coming out with good ideas is not enough, what is important is to believe in those ideas and invest in it to make it a reality. That is where Indian techies are lacking; they don't have enough maturity, acknowledges Mutt.

Today, Indian IT market has expanded its diameter and lot of domestic and multinational companies have popped up, which offers highly challenging opportunities. Don’t take any higher challenges just for the sake of monetary gain. Before you dive in to any technology, wait and think, what is your passion, focus and how you are going to market yourself in the next 15 years from now. The answer would be by fine-tuning you desire, says Mutt.

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