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SPAN Infotech: Offering a Gamut of Testing Services

SI Team
Wednesday, August 28, 2013
SI Team
Today, enterprises realize that there is a growing need to invest in a robust quality assurance program for uninterrupted business outcome and to remain competitive. An application downtime or security breach can cause not only major financial loss, but also loss of customer confidence, trust and reputation, severely impacting the business. Today, the threats are multi-dimensional and hence, customers expect providers to have specialized testing expertise to mitigate risk, enhance efficiency and validate business outcomes on a continuous basis. To meet such customer demands, SPAN Infotech, has pioneered itself in providing security testing services for software. According to Pradeep Grama, Co-Founder & Managing Director, SPAN Infotech, “Competition in the market has made providers sharpen their arsenal in providing the best of the breed services to their customers and we provide the best in security services”.

SPAN was approached by one of the largest IT groups in the Nordic countries to help them in their initiative of ensuring application security and to attain PCI DSS Security Audit. It wanted a long-term partner to help them define and execute their security testing strategy for the entire portfolio of applications. SPAN defined the methodology for performing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, adhering to OWASP ASVS guidelines with PCI-DSS focus. The company also provided detailed reports of vulnerabilities found during the application and network penetration tests, along with counter-measures. Now, the client is ready for PCI DSS audit by certified personnel. Their critical applications and network vulnerabilities were found and fixed and it is able to build a base line security policy for further development, based on the current vulnerability report.

Apart from security testing, SPAN provides a full gamut of testing services like functionality, performance, compliance , SQA testing, usability and accessibility, installation and compatibility, and automation of regression testing. The company has created a niche by engaging analysts, who are specialists in business and industry standard testing tools. SPAN completely understands the security concerns of the clients and hence hires certified ethical hackers to detect vulnerabilities prevent breaches and significantly reduce the cost of failure.

SPAN is a wholly owned subsidiary of EVRY, the largest Nordic IT group. SPAN envisions developing strong frameworks in specific verticals to address challenges faced by enterprises with large and evolving IT landscape. Currently offering its services in the U.S. and Scandinavian countries, SPAN is now making investments into Germany and UK markets.
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