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Rich Internet Application Technology and Trends

Jayakumar Sambandamurthy
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
Jayakumar Sambandamurthy
What are Rich Internet Applications?

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) combine the responsiveness and interactivity of desktop applications with the broad reach and ease of distribution of Web applications; and they effectively combine the best of both the Web and the Desktop. RIA help users to understand and use complex business applications by reducing Web traversals to give most of the information at a single integrated interface.

The Web applications have moved beyond the traditional website into new desktop-capable applications. New complex business systems are emerging for almost every industry. The platform developers such as Adobe, Sun, Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, and Apple compete with their distributed applications and push major RIA platforms into the market. These RIA platforms and tools are compared on various parameters such as user experience, platform OS, browser compatibility, network performance, graphical richness, and so on.

This actually helps IT organizations to reduce project risks due to its native support for rich communication and the OS neutrality. Adobe systems, a major player in this area, offers a full development platform.

The Rich in the RIA

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