Revalsys Technologies: Creating Possibilities through Digital Transformation

Deepshikha Singh
Friday, March 3, 2017
Deepshikha Singh
Over the years internet has revolutionalized the way business is done. Traditional ways of business have been replaced by online business which is much more globalized and follows a whole different set of rules. A decade ago buying products and services online was unthinkable, much less partnering with someone doing business online. However, with people opening up to the use of internet and technology, online business has become the new norm. Faceless Service providers, faceless customers and faceless negotiators dominate the online market. Needless to say, in a world where people stay online for most of the day, a standard website just doesn’t cut it. Over 83 percent of consumers visit a company’s website before purchasing a product. As more and more customers are making their decision based on their online experiences, the appearance, usability and accessibility of an e-commerce website is more important than ever to survive in this competitive market.

A good website acts as an extension to the sales staff of the company. Like one wouldn’t send out an unkempt salesman to represent the company, in the similar way one shouldn’t present an unremarkable website to the consumers. With over 650 million websites, another 51 million adding each year and local and global entrepreneurs indulging into building an ecommerce portal, it is the need of the hour for business to invest their money into building the right websites that stickiness and engagement with customers to leave a lasting impression and make a buying impact on their minds. With a vision to help business convert their business ideas into workable technology solutions, Raj Samala, an industry-veteran established Revalsys Technologies, a leading software development, products and solutions, technology services, consulting and outsourcing company serving organizations by creating possibilities through digital transformation.

RevaleBiz comes with functions/features like – Customizable UI/UX, Content Management System to manage the portal content, a unified Commerce Engine integrated with ERP (SAP, Oracle Tally) to delivery any kind of product/service – retail/merchandize, recharge, vouchers, travel, gifts, services, digital downloads, subscriptions and classifieds, market place Integration with leading eCommerce companies, multiple payment gateway and logistic partner option with recommendations engines, operations features – order/inventory/warehouse/Invoice management; RevalCRM – to address customer issues, campaign management with offers and coupons engine, loyalty management for customer stickiness and affiliate management. RevaleBiz is a culmination of 5 years of efforts, matured with multiple client implementation offered as a SAAS on the Cloud/Dedicated Infra or In-Premise model. “Whether it is a start-up or a mature company, every business wants to make its presence felt on the online platform. We at Revalsys Technologies empower and enable the business to go online by becoming their partner. We strategize with them, prepare a blue print plan with them and chart out the entire journey that they would take them to go completely online. We don’t restrict ourselves to offering just products or service; we go beyond it to help our customers meet their business objectives. We can very comfortably and confidently state that we are the only company to provide end to end solutions in India. And we take lot of pride in saying that RevaleBiz is a Made in India product,” expresses Raj Samala, Founder and CEO of, Revalsys Technologies. Furthermore, the ability to overcome all the challenges that arise, helping clients to do innovative business, and enhancing their productivity by providing the best solutions that are cost-effective and work faster, are amongst the reasons that distinguish Revalsys Technologies from other competitors in the market.

The Outset of Revalsys Technologies

Established in 2007, the story of Revalsys Technologies is one of audacity and entrepreneurship. Sharing the founding story of Revalsys, Raj expressed, “I had returned back to India in 2007/2008 and wanted to bring in a paradigm shift on how website, online presence & technology was embraced from another department in an organization to a strategic role players. The e-commerce sector had just started to evolve back then. Digging in more, we found that a company website was a mere line in the business card and from being a domain of the marketing department ended up being the responsibility of the IT department. We saw these challenges and thus decided to build product/solution which would provide, ‘Technology for the Non-Technical’. Putting our best foot ahead, we embarked the journey of Revalsys Technologies with a vision to provide futuristic solutions - be it a corporate website design solution or an e-business solution or intelligent intranet solution or innovative custom development.” Revalsys Technologies understands the need of its customers, whether it is a small scale or a large scale enterprise. The team at Revalsys keeps in mind to deliver “real value” over and above what the customer has signed up for. The company’s ability to conceptualize and implement the work helps the business of its customers to evolve to the next level – delivery always, no excuses. Revalsys Technology strongly believes that the growth of its customers is the growth of company and once a project is assigned, it is executed as one would execute their own project.

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