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January - 2012 - issue > 10 most promising mobile App companies

Retina Software: Providing quality mobile application development

ST Team
Monday, January 2, 2012
ST Team
It has been observed that technological understanding among individuals as well as businesses has seen a rapid growth recently and they seem to be leaning more towards integrating cost-effective yet fruitful technology advances into their personal and business lives. This has increased the potential customer base of the industry by a huge margin. Many companies have tried to tap into this demand and Retina Software, with its unique business model, apt technology, and atypical approach has successfully managed to break into.

Retina Software is a premier IT Company that provides committed computer and mobile software application development, testing and deployment, coding and designing services, consulting services, technical support and maintenance of its own products to businesses and individual clients across the globe. Started as a Windows application development firm around half a decade ago, it now has grown up to a great extent etching a mark among the successful technopreneures in the software development domain.

The company concentrates on software applications that help improve computer and mobile security, privacy and communication. Retina Software’s business approach finds difference in the fact that it does not confined to a particular niche rather cover a wider production lineup. Major platforms that the company works on are all Smartphone platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile including Windows, Mac and tablets. It tends to derive new concepts from user experiences and keep pushing the boundaries embracing nascent technology that can add to its customers’ mobile computing ease and satisfaction. The company’s products so far have over 200,000 customers in over 150 countries across the globe and are on the rise with around 50-70 percent of annual growth rate.

"We believe that enhanced production and marketing both are by-products of a quality built-up. Therefore, since inception, we have focused on the principle of maximizing leverage by enhancing quality rather than finding ways to save costs on promotional dealings," says Zeeshan Alam, Founder & Director, Retina Software. High-end design, rapid implementation and QA testing with the most cost-efficient and timely delivery possible to its clients is the company’s stronghold. It oversees a huge percent of application development for almost all sorts of admired mobile phone operating systems such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile and so on. In addition, the company also helps to find the best possible ways to market mobile application through the comprehensions of store environment, technology, ranking and algorithm.

Soon after the company was established in 2006, it recognized the link between employee commitment, corporate culture and economic success. As a result, Retinairs can be observed talking about Retina’s fundamental beliefs, norms and values. "We believe that our commitment to see things from a unique standpoint depends on our employees being comfortable in sharing opinions. Another important factor that contributes to Retina’s growth is that people here are hands-on in what they do. Everyone seems to be wearing several hats, for instance - one working with Android development team can be seen showing interest in the training programs meant for Windows developers. This way, cross-training is the key aspect of Retina’s success," adds Alam.

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