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March - 2009 - issue > Cover Story

QAI: Enabling Efficiency and Excellence

Poonam Bhattacharya
Sunday, March 1, 2009
Poonam Bhattacharya
Navyug Mohnot distinctly remembers an incident that occurred on his return from the U.S.A. to Bangalore in 1990. The cab driver asked Mohnot, a PhD student from the University of Rochester, U.S.A., if he would like to be shown around the city. When the latter answered in the affirmative, the driver took him to a two-storied building, which had a dish antenna atop it."The driver beamed with a smile and said this is the building of Texas Instruments, sir. They make software here and export it to the U.S.," recalls Mohnot.

Yesterday's landmark, albeit a tourist destination, has become a sort of a ubiquity today. Innumerable buildings that 'make software and export it to the U.S.A. and many other countries' dot Bangalore's skyline today.

Mohnot, incidentally, might have had a part to play in this transformation. He is the one who had started QAI in India; the company has helped a myriad of IT, BPO, and knowledge services companies, including those from among India's top five, "execute their vision-mission".

QAI India works in the arena of Operational Excellence and Workforce Development; in essence helping organizations and individuals improve their performance through a portfolio of certifications, training, processes, and assessments. The company has, thus far, trained close to 70,000 techies, certified 20,000 of them and counts the likes of Wipro, CSC, Cognizant, and Accenture among its customers. In the meanwhile, Mohnot has risen to be the CEO of QAI worldwide.

Virtuous Cycle
"When I came to India and looked around, I was certain that I did not want to start another software company," recalls Mohnot. Instead, he chose to start what might be called a kind of consultancy. He got in touch with QAI U.S.A. and started the company's India office with the sole aim of helping India's IT companies achieve better organizational efficiency and train their workforce.

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