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QA InfoTech Private Limited

SI Team
Thursday, May 2, 2013
SI Team
QA InfoTech, is one among just a handful of independent test companies, largest of such kind in India, focused on helping build
products of robust quality. Being an independent offshore software testing company, QA InfoTech maintains a distinguished level of service which blends top quality with cost effective solutions. Understanding clients' challenges of tight development lifecycles, managing costs yet achieving the highest levels of quality is what QA InfoTech is skilled at.

Mukesh is responsible for the company's vision and leads the organization's worldwide operations, marketing, sales and development efforts. He founded QA InfoTech with a vision to provide unbiased Quality Assurance (QA) testing solutions and has grown the organization
to five Centers of Excellence, hundreds of employees and more than fifteen million dollars in annual revenues.

Mukesh began his technology career with DCM Data Systems as a software engineer, and then worked at IBM Corporation, Quark Inc., Gale Group and Adobe Systems in software engineering and testing roles.He has a passion for excellence, an eye for detail and commitment
towards customers that has enabled QA InfoTech to stand apart in the exceedingly competitive software testing industry. Under his guidance,
the company has contributed to various innovative quality assurance and est-automation solutions.

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