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Pearson TalentLens: Combining Innovation and Time Tested Techniques

SI Team
Tuesday, July 23, 2013
SI Team
Enterprises today hire professionals with varied levels of aptitude and experience. Pearson TalentLens, an arm of Pearson group estd. 1921, uses time tested assessment techniques combined with innovative assessments to help top companies of the world to select and develop talent.

The trend setter that sets them apart is efficacy – the guarantee that their methods have the capacity to produce an effect. “TalentLens uses world class products that are being used all over the world and develops local norms to meet the needs of the Indian corporate population,” says Sushil Eapen, MD, Pearson TalentLens. Their workforce is populated with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. These experts work closely with the customers to solve some of the most complex departmental, psychometric or test development problems that arise in the day to day operations of organizations.
For a company to function seamlessly, it is important to have good intra and inter team communication. Pearson TalentLens’s flagship tool that is deployed globally– the Versant Tests - and also customized for the Indian population – VETI or Versant English Test for India – allows organizations to uphold language standards that are critical to customer satisfaction and employee productivity by improving their communication skills. Apart from this, there are numerous other and equally effective tools that Pearson TalentLens employs to detect and pin-point the qualities that clients are looking for in a candidate. Among these are Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (W-GCTA) for assessment of strategic thinking and decision making abilities, Raven’s Progressive Matrices for problem solving, and RANRA for financial literacy. These tools are well received because of their adaptability and the agility with which they can be administered. The tests can quickly and objectively screen candidates, resulting in marked improvement in staffing and talent management processes. Pearson’s TalentLens recently introduced the award winning online business English communication learning tool called GlobalEnglish in India to address the challenges faced by employers to improve the English communication skills of employees at various levels.

They recently partnered with Future Group to provide talent assessment and development solutions to the retail industry in India. They also work with numerous consulting companies and in close contact with the IT sector. Their RED critical thinking model, which is specialized for managers, lays out a path for everyone from individual contributors to mid-career managers to understand how critical thinking works and helps develop these essential skills. This in turn hones the individual’s ability to solve difficult on-the-job problems. The W-GCTA utilizes the powerful RED model. This is one of the few assessments available in the market that helps HR professionals make objective decisions among managerial candidates.

Pearson TalentLens offers comprehensive solutions for the HR fraternity across all verticals. The key to their triumphs is adaptability and versatility that they display in using their tools, combined with their guiding philosophy – ‘Always learning’. These qualities pooled with the motivation to serve its customers with the highest quality make TalentLens a leader in its domain.
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