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By Shailendra Ravi, Senior Director, Emerging Markets, EMC India Center of Excellence
Friday, March 20, 2015
By Shailendra Ravi, Senior Director, Emerging Markets, EMC India Center of Excellence
Incepted in 2007, EMC India Center of Excellence helps EMC2 accelerate its R&D efforts and services in the field of information infrastructure.

Business environments undergoing paradigm shifts has given rise to not only a change in delivery and pricing models, but a change in customer expectations - this is increasingly impacting the way technology is being adopted. In India, the influence of technology is being observed as impacting nation-scale issues - with the Government of India announcing 100 smart cities in the country. Smart cities and smart governance go hand-in-hand, with a need to create a 'Digital India' that uses mobile technology as the backbone of its delivery mechanism. The 'third platform', as it is referred to by IDC is being embraced by organizations across the line - the disruptive power of such technology has been particularly seen in Banking, Retail, Healthcare and Internet Companies.

It has also proved to be a catalyst for business agility, enhanced productivity and newservices. The evolution of technology has been the key milestones in the growth of industries across verticals. It has covered a long journey from main frames to server PC and now it's heading to the third platform that will be dominated by pervasive mobile devices, social, cloud and big data analytics (SMAC) and Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations are experiencing challenges posed by the disruptive technology that are bound to disrupt existing industries, business models and create new opportunities.

The companies that are harnessing the trends of SMAC and exploring IoT are among the successful companies that have been able to meet the demands and create a niche for themselves in the market. According to asurvey done by EMC with IT decision makers this year, 91 percent of IT decision makers in India expect next-generation technologies such as mobile, social, cloud and big data to give their organization a competitive advantage.

The six technologies that have risen to prominence today include Hybrid Cloud, Software Defined Data Centers (SDDC), Flash, Hadoop, Next Generation Application Frameworks and Security.

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