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April - 2010 - issue > Tech Product

Notebook and Tablet in One HP EliteBook

Ojas Sharma
Friday, April 2, 2010
Ojas Sharma
HP has launched the multitouch-enabled convertible tablet, HP EliteBook 2740p. The 2740p weighs 3.8 pounds and includes a 12.1-inch diagonal LED display or optional outdoor-view display with less reflection and a higher contrast for easier viewing in natural light.

Multitouch gestures, finger taps, and swipes across the screen allow users to navigate through applications and menus as well, and provide access to information and websites. The HP EliteBook 2740p offers a variety of battery solutions for lightweight configurations, including a six-cell li-ion prismatic battery.

The HP EliteBook 2740p is available at Rs. 75,000 ($1,599).
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