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November - 2008 - issue > Spotlight: IT Services

Metabyte: Perfect Place for Top Talent

si Team
Monday, November 10, 2008
si Team
"What has always defined Metabyte is our ability to craft silver bullets to help our clients compete," says Manu Mehta, CEO. Founded in 1993, the company started by developing products and customizing technologies for clients. Today, this privately held company has much broader technology services offerings such as consulting, outsourcing and staffing. "We are one of the first companies who provide seamless integration of these services," says Mehta.

Interestingly, Metabyte's penchant for top talent came into being when they found initial success in meeting the worldwide shortage of certain programming skills by cross-training programmers with different but related expertise. "Our company culture and the environment where entrepreneurs grow remain the same," states the CEO.

Here an employee can propose a new focus area for technology services or a new product and possibly get to build and run his/her own Micro-Business Unit (MBU). The MBU concept has become an integral part of Metabyte culture and continues to give them an ability to provide unmatched job satisfaction and career options. The company also has created a private equity fund called Metabyte Ventures to finance the inventions of its employees. One such invention turned into Metabyte's MbTV subsidiary in 2000, which received $20 million in investments from corporate partners. Another employee invention is being launched as a web services company in November 2008 under the brand HotDoodle.com.

Many of Metabyte's team members join the company after working at the large outsourcing and consulting firms as their first job after college. While these firms provide opportunities for people beginning their career, many find after a few years that the career path there is rather limited. "Metabyte helps them thrive," affirms Mehta. Today having several respected clients on its kitty and a track record of outrageously impressive career options for employees, Metabyte is constantly innovating on value creation for both its clients and employees. "We want to build a company which is the Nordstrom of IT services," concludes Mehta.

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Reader's comments(5)
1:Your reality is that you can work as Consultant only.
You cannot just open the company and say I am CEO of the company.
Any body can open the company. To become CEO you should have brain.
Just hire and fire rule doesnot makes you CEO.
How many employees you have and how many of them are from long term with you.
I know it because you just wants to earn money.
You need brain to run the company. You should have potential that you can hold employees and have your own caliber to get projects.
Posted by: srini rao - 03rd Sep 2009
2:Close your Metabyte.
Without employee or working as Consultant you won't get anything.
Spoiling other peoples career.
Manu Mehta is looking like a monkey.
Monkey close your mouth and do not show dirty teeth.
Posted by: srini rao - 03rd Sep 2009
3:Before starting the company, he started Layoff work.
Posted by: srini rao - 03rd Sep 2009
4:One of the wrost company. They have hire and fire rule.
Once your client side project is over they will layoff employee, who are permanent employee of the company.
Posted by: srini rao - 03rd Sep 2009
5:It is wrost company.
Before hiring they use to send person for client interview and once they clear the interview.
They say that you will be permanent employee of the company.
But after hiring if projects finish after 4-5 months they use to layoff employee.
Never join or work for Metabyte.
MbTV is biggest failure of this company CEO.
Posted by: srini rao - 03rd Sep 2009
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