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MetaDesign Solutions: Top the Business Game with Agile Software Development Solutions

Rashmisree Deb
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Rashmisree Deb
In recent times, software testing services has been considered as a major growth engine for Indian IT services. According to NASSCOM and Gartner, the global testing services market is expected to reach $50 billion and Indian market to $13-15 billion by 2020. Enterprise CEOs, CFOs and CIOs have realized the marked up risk of bad software on their business. Poor quality and untested software can unleash havoc on Enterprise IT systems chopping down sales processes, supply chains and heading towards business loss. Therefore, to put a screeching halt on the rapidly rising risks and liabilities of poor quality software for enterprises, Sunil Goyal, Amit Gupta and Peeyush Tuli entrenched MetaDesign Solutions in 2007.

MetaDesign Solutions is an agile software development company based out of Gurgaon providing a broad-spectrum of software development & software testing services that includes manual testing, software testing, automated testing, web app testing, Mobile game testing, mobile app testing, desktop app testing and enterprise app testing. The company delivers a complete package that contains not only the developed software but also software which is fully shielded with MetaDesign Solution's high standard Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) activities. "We are a very largely sized company in terms of testing. We do manual QA but our expertise lies around automation QA for both web and mobile application," says Amit Gupta, General Manager, MetaDesign Solutions.

Leveraging its experience in delivering end-to-end services, MetaDesign Solutions have 350+ engineers out of which 60 engineers are in software testing and QA. Best-of-breed and cost-effective services has made MetaDesign Solutions the dearest darlings of its customers. The company with its two development centers of 1500 people capacity works with its customers in either India time zone or compliment to their time zone. MetaDesign understands their client's security as highest priority and therefore signs a non-disclosure agreement to keep their IP protected. Today, the ISO 9001:2008 certified company stand a cut above the rest by establishing strong global footprints in UK, U.S., Australia and Europe.

Ten years down the lane since inception, MetaDesign Solutions elbowed out to be one of top software solutions companies in India and abroad. Cultural differences, language barrier, time zone barrier and multi-location offices are some of the general challenges faced by customers while dealing with the offshore team. They also faced specific challenges around the expertise under quality of service. MetaDesign Solutions addresses these challenges by offering its customers 80 hours of free trial. These initiatives stand as august examples for the finest quality and communications which has also given MetaDesign Solutions an edge over the competitors.

The company believes in open and supportive work culture. To keep its employees tuned to latest technology, the company every year focuses lot on in-house and outside training. It also encourages its developers to take certification, on the successful completion of which the company reimburses the entire fee. To boost the morale of its employees, MetaDesign Solutions takes initiatives in conducting hackathons, which in return help in achieving the company's goal. After achieving success on a roll, the company is looking forward to double its business by 2016.

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