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Matching People and Electronics

si Team
Monday, March 2, 2009
si Team
Whether we realize it or not, we all have a dependent relationship with our electronics products because they are an important, integral part of our daily life - and more so everyday. With more than 40,000 new electronics products introduced every year, finding, buying and using these products has become a miserable, confusing and frustrating process. Consumers are inundated with complex products, options, constantly changing information and knowledge that they can’t keep up with. General search engines give piles of unorganized data for users to sift; publisher test labs evaluate only a small set of products or provide support tips that get obsolete before you know it; shopping sites compare prices but don’t help consumers find the best fit and retailers are limited to select manufacturers. Who can make sense of all this?

Retrevo does the research legwork for consumers, quickly providing objective and impartial answers saving people time. Its real-time independent Web service aggregates, comprehends and summarizes important information on electronics products from experts, users, PDF manuals and other web pages and presents answers in easily digestible and actionable form that average consumers can understand and use to find, buy or use electronics products.

“Retrevo exists to make buying and using consumer electronics products simple and fun, and we have developed a number of useful tools to help people make better shopping decisions and get the most out of their consumer electronics products,” says Vipin Jain, president and CEO of Sunnyvale, CA-based Retrevo.

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