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Make way for the Reverse Trekkers

Christo Jacob
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Christo Jacob
For last few decades, we have witnessed, Indians trekking to the Valley. But what we are seeing now in India is a ‘Reverse Trekking’. Yes, I mean a bunch of foreign entrepreneurs are swinging their ideas to hit the bull’s eye in the Indian markets now.
Thanks to the economic growth in India, and the slow growth, even stagnation in the West. In terms of spending power and technology penetration, India is at a stage that U.S. and Europe were several years ago, offering a test-bed to see if the products and services that did well in the West will click here. The hawk eyed entrepreneurs are considering this as a favorable time for them and are penetrating to the diverse markets.

In this issue, we have identified one such entrepreneur who dared to take on the Indian market and has taken different inroads to succeed in their career. We bring the story of John Verbic, Founder & CEO, TrepUp, an investment banker turned entrepreneur, who chartered the territory unknown and built a successful social network for businesses from India. His success story tells the saga of changing trends as increasing number of expats are opting to turn entrepreneurs in India as compared to other nations.

Moreover, siliconindia has always tried to highlight and celebrate the power of entrepreneurship. In this issue siliconindia presenting ‘50 Emerging Technology Companies 2013’ in India is our endeavor in this regard. This year’s listing also represents the continuing rise and glory of these entrepreneurs in high-tech space and identifies companies impacting the marketplace. The companies in this year’s list display the characteristics of long-term visibility, sustained growth, business focus, profitability and customer and employee value-creation. Saluting the Indian entrepreneurs, we trace their success stories and give you a rare insight into what makes these companies the most promising names of the Indian Tech industry.

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