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MANCER Consulting: Binding Great Talents with Great Organizations

Kavitha G.
Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Kavitha G.
Way back in late 90s, where providing high quality, yet cost effective talent acquisition services was beyond the boundaries of possibilities, it was this Delhi based talent acquisition company, MANCER Consulting, who re-constructed the most unstructured sector then. The most amusing part of all is that they still pioneer the ladder of top consultants, hosting 200 plus marquee clients. Unlike other mere players who focus on catering to only few selected verticals, MANCER has imbibed a norm of amazing people by reaping in clients from multiple industry verticals and today, the company boasts of having 16 verticals under its arsenal. Echoing in the similar veins, Satya D Sinha, CEO, MANCER Consulting proudly proclaims, "Our customer tenure has been on an average of 8-9 years and in some cases is over a decade. This also is because we have been consistently adaptive in our capability in tune with our clients' upcoming requirements".

Nourished by the sole idea to bind great talents with great organizations, MANCER has been instrumental in creating talent acquisition consultants in all industry verticals. The combination of working upon both generic as well as niche profiles � which is, in fact, scarce to be found in the industry � and tactical consulting methodologies have lucratively crowned the company as a leading firm amongst the industry pacesetters. Claimed to be the first entity to launch Job Fairs concept in India, the 1997 established firm has successfully carved a niche in contingency market and proffers customized talent management and recruitment services to help companies eliminate the burdensome, yet business-critical chore of hiring the right minds.

MANEdge - A Revolutionary Platform that Makes Your Endeavor a Success.

Powered by collaborative approaches, the futuristic innovations crafted at MANCER have propelled the organization to embrace a differentiated methodology of evaluating and modifying the recruitment process to beget quality offering based on the industry type. One such example is MANCER's revolutionary service line named MANEdge, which has the capability to deliver large volume of quality manpower on time through its sub-services namely MANEdge Flash, MANEdge Niche and MANEdge End2End. Driven by the outsourced pathways and proven processes, MANEdge is today's successful brand of RPO which is highly preferred in some of the multinational companies.

EnRoute to Success

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