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May - 2010 - issue > Top 25 Emerging Technology Companies

LeewayHertz Turning Mobile Application Ideas into Reality

Sikta Samantaray
Thursday, May 6, 2010
Sikta Samantaray
Living through the cutting edge of technological changes, it becomes a herculean task for several tech crazy individuals to get their dream application incorporated in their mobile phones. Addressing this glaring problem in the communication platform, the focused and skilled entrepreneur Akash Takyar, who dreamt of an office in a glass building located by a river, stumbled upon an idea to create a niche in the mobile application market and his aspirations urged him to establish LeewayHertz in 2007.

Based in New Delhi with an office in Chicago, LeewayHertz offers design and development services that take the users’ unique ideas and create customized innovative mobile applications. The company has two major expertise; Cloud Computing Consultancy and Mobile Applications development. “Our prime focus is designing and development of iPhone and iPad applications. With more than 100 applications currently available on the App Store and climbing, we specialize in iPhone, iPad, and Android solutions,” affirms the Founder CEO, Takyar. Accrding to the company, augmented reality, CMS integration, social networking, video integration, Google maps are a few of those wide arrays of technologies that the company implements to iPhone and now for the iPad applications development.

Besides providing the expertise in Cloud Computing Consulting and development of Saas application based on cloud computing platform, LeewayHertz works on other technologies which include - AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, XHTML, Web 2.0, Ruby on rail and many more. LeewayHertz offers user-interface designing and technology capabilities with an ability to provide offshore development with an in-house feel. Continuously expanding its range of services, the firm has delved into Google Android, BlackBerry and Palm Pre development. What makes the CEO today proud is his company’s innovative applications with extremely well user experience and leveraging the best technological solutions to create outstanding mobile applications. “We provide complete solution from building an idea from scratch till the final product is ready for the market. We also use cutting edge technology to ensure our clients get effective applications developed in-house,” asserts the proud Takyar.
A decision that has resulted in success - Takyar has envisioned LeewayHertz as a company that grows continuously in terms of more than just profit, by also keeping its customers satisfied. However, it was never a rosy expedition for LeewayHertz to reach up to a convincing position in the market. “I think, if I look back, the one challenge that LeewayHertz faced during it’s initial stage was to keep people motivated. Although, it is not a challenge anymore as the company has a success story to share and really challenging and exciting growth opportunities for its employee,” remembers Takyar.

Overcoming the challenges, today the company has its plans well-mapped to leverage on the opportunities ahead. Currently, LeewayHertz has 60 employees and still growing on track to be 100 plus by the end of next year. “Growing the company as rapidly as possible into a world-class organization with offices in most continents and to be recognized as a leading company in each space we operate in,” concludes Takyar.

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