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Klientas: Creating a Global Brand Image for the Clients

Kanak Prabha
Thursday, April 9, 2015
Kanak Prabha
"I hope this world evolves so that there exists a time where somebody sitting at a terminal can access all the world's information" - Tom Clancey, Engineering Director, Google Book Search. As we are caught in the headlight of the present world, the aforementioned quote says that there existed a pre-internet era when people had more to say and were forced to look things up in actual books, rather than browse it. Today, when the days of yellow pages are far behind us, if someone is searching for listing of businesses within a specific geographical area, they will either take help from family, friend or Google. To summarize this, the pervasive activity of 'Googling', more or less completes us in one way or the other. Therefore, topping the Google search, which brings more traffic to the site has become more important than ever for many companies. Hence, such situations lured the companies to hunt for a partner who would strike the right chord and help companies optimize their site for Google's algorithm to get top ranking. A London based Marketing consultancy firm, Klientas, joins the rare gems of being such partner because of their endeavor to help the clients in achieving high ranking in Google search engine, which eventually leads to more sales and revenues. Klientas, being true to the meaning of its name - clients, provides end-to-end marketing solutions with an aim to create a global brand image for their clients.

Today, in this age of digital media, India brags of being the third leading country in terms of internet users in the world, with more inclination towards social and mobile audience. Being an early trend setter of social media, the company was incepted by Vishnu Prasad, a lawyer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. Vishnu says, "I decided to venture in to this field because it was very promising. With innovative trends in the adoption of the Internet for digital marketing being on rise, it wasn't easy for companies to ignore social media at all". As they have caused deep and lasting impact on the customers with their services, the company has mastered the art of creating innovative strategies and specialized platforms of operations ranging from Branding, Advertising, Internet Marketing, PR to Event Management.

Tailored to the industry's culture and best practices, the firm vests their focus on service sector, hospitality, real estate and entrepreneurial sectors instead of focusing on multitude of sectors. Incepted with a sole mission to revolutionize management strategies via new age technologies along with conventional methods to break all regional barriers, Klientas with knack of such talent has ensured a global branding to their clients. Having creativity ingrained in their DNA, Klientas takes greater pride in their professional team of 15 who are masters in handling technology both from creative and social aspect.

Incepted in 2011, the company which started their services with 2 clients today boasts of almost 200 clients spread across UK, U.S., India, Australia, Bahrain, and UAE. Through their unique client centric delivery models, Klientas has been able to park itself well in the industry. To keep the success ball rolling, the company is trying to increase their core strength in the social media platform. With an aim to be the number one company in marketing, Klientas, by the end of next financial year, are planning to aim large companies and also take on multitude of activities relating to social media marketing.

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