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Interworld Commnet: Acquiring new turfs to play its game

ST Team
Monday, January 2, 2012
ST Team
From a humble company in 1998, offering corporate website design and web application development, search engine optimization to one of the fastest growing mobile application companies in APAC today, Interworld Commnet has come a long way in its journey. From delivering one application a month to now at least three applications a week, the figures for IWC are staggering. And the man steering this astounding growth is JK Menon, Founder & CEO, Interworld Comnet.

In fact in the last two years, the company has made several acquisitions in Singapore, Australia and Italy, thereby increasing its presence across different geographies. "It is easier to win the hearts of local businesses when they feel they are working with a local vendor. This makes it easier to penetrate the new markets where we are trying to set up our presence," says Menon, explaining the strategy behind the acquisitions.

The company works across technologies like J2EE, J2ME, Personal Java, CORBA, and .Net in order to provide mobile applications at cost effective pricing and on required time with finest quality. Interworld Commnet’s mobile application development capabilities includes; adding a mobile device interface to existing applications, augmenting mobile application infrastructure with a location-based service component so that its customers can bank on smarter applications with rich and easy user experience, mobile-enable existing enterprise applications, test mobile applications, especially from a usability perspective, implement SyncML-based synchronization of data between mobile devices and enterprise applications and mobile-enable company alerting and notification services to ensure that a mobile workforce has the right information when and where they need it.

“The word of mouth spreads within the clients and today we are developing applications for more corporations,” says Menon about the growing client base. Today, the company provides services in more than 20 countries at varied levels depending upon the needs of the customers be it on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and more.

So what helps Interworld Commnet keep an edge over others? Explaining the real differentiator factor of the company, Menon says that the company understands the business marketplace, current trends and issues clients face, which is a critical element of marketing any company. "We listen, we learn and we act accordingly. On time and on budget, individually tailored activity programmes are precisely targeted and carefully managed to create maximum impact on the target audience," adds Menon. It assists companies in architecting, developing, deploying and maintaining their open standard infrastructure solutions for successful implementation. Many of these companies have achieved measurable benefits and positive return on investment from wireless projects. Menon says that by utilizing Interworld Commnet’s expertise, companies are assured of mobile application development and software that enables business processes to proceed without interruptions, no matter where the people are located.

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