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IBEE Solutions:Redefining Enterprise Mobility Services

SI Team
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
SI Team
Digitalization has got hold of almost everything we see around. Itis no wonder that Haagen-Dazs, an ice cream brand in New York, now offers for its customers a digital menu of their delicacies, via tablets. Haagen-Dazs has made this possible with the assistance of IBEE Solutions which offers integrated enterprise solutions using the latest and emerging technologies. Under the leadership of Betrand Yella, Managing Director, IBEE Solutions, the company is redefiningthe way Enterprise services are offered to its customers.
IBEE Solutions with a multi-disciplinary, multi-device approach ensures that business information, practices, and stakeholders are interconnected and always ready for business. IBEE translates innovative ideas into reality by using advanced engineering solutions. These solutions are supported by a well-defined market strategy. IBEE Solutions also provides comprehensive support and maintenance services. Brands like Haagen-Dazs, AMD, Delhi Daredevils, PwC, Godrej Interio are few of the leading names in the industry who have signed up with IBEE Solutions.
One of the key differentiators that keeps the company one step ahead of the rest is IBEE Solutions’ unwavering focus on performance and security of the solution.Their robust technical approaches in development result in superior security, high scalability and optimum performance of the applications. Apart from these differentiators, the company has also mastered the art of loading the content and optimizing the image simultaneously in a limited time span as well as optimization of any application irrespective of the operating system. It also has an advantage of having experience in diversified areas like building apps using Social APIs like Gmail, FB and twitter and using emerging technologies like transmedia, secure web services, cloud platforms like iCloud and Amazon web services.
The company's secret in staying ahead of the competition and in tune with the technical trendslies in the comprehensive analytic research done on the basis of market needs and demands. IBEE Solutions recently helped many enterprises to achieve their mobility solutions requirement needs, few of their recent works include a multi platform mobile app solution for news agency in AP using UnicodeTelugu font across all the mobile platforms, built an application for "Exceedings" that create mobile apps on the fly to NGOs and they work on Native and Mobile web with changes made from CMS effecting in real time across all the platforms and apps. IBEE Solutions also helped a cable network company to track their inventory and connections using Google maps by tagging customer and products information through Android tablets to their field engineers help.
IBEE is poised to succeed with its single minded focus on enabling clients to be inter-connected with their business information, practices and stakeholders anytime through any device and anywhere.
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