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High Beam Global: Delivering Quality Performance

Kavitha G.
Monday, July 28, 2014
Kavitha G.
Market research industry in the last few years has seen challenges & opportunities, successes & failures and ups & downs. The toughest challenge for any organization is to provide highest quality work at competitive price. India as a country saw an overwhelming number of market research firms coming up in the last few years, leading to significant competition and even malpractices. However, High Beam Global while sticking to its core values i.e., quality and integrity was able to stand out and built a niche for itself.

This business value separates Rajat Sahni, Founder & Head Market Research of High Beam Global (HBG) - a B2B market research firm – from the rest of the players. With the intention of providing high quality services, he founded High Beam Global in 2010 which provides market research services that include multi-mode data collection, survey programming & hosting, data processing and analytics. High Beam Global combines a client-focused approach with robust project management to offer a unique experience to its clients. High Beam Global henceforth sustained a profitable growth with strong financial position, rich client base, highly experienced employees and exuberant knowledge of the industry.

A team of about 100 analysts work round the clock to support both domestic and international clientele. With rich experience in industries like, Healthcare, Information Technology and Industrial Products (to name a few), High Beam Global helps its clients to provide quality insights on targeted and potential markets, brand health, consumer preferences and other market dynamics.

HBG currently services all industries, however building strong capabilities in the Healthcare/Life Sciences and Energy and Utilities sectors. A specialist team led by Dr. Ashima Prashar and other industry professionals with domain expertise and experience in market research are responsible for executing projects in the Healthcare/Life Sciences sector. A similar team is being built for the Energy and Utilities sector.

With a good volume of booked business for FY14-15, HBG plans to expand both in Domestic and International markets. Pune and Dehradoon are two shortlisted cities for expanding operations while North America and Singapore are selected for sales offices. "With our commitment of quality and trust, we are pledged to provide the best services to our clients. While there are several Indian firms who batter their promise of quality just to offer the lowest price, we are here to fulfill our commitment and position India as a country delivering quality work while maintaining the price advantage," concludes Rajat Sahni, Founder & Head Market Research, High Beam Global.

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