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GluePlus: Creating Exceptional Product for the Un-served Market

si Team
Monday, May 30, 2016
si Team
Sometimes, version 2.0 is more power-packed than version 1.0. This is precisely the story of GluePlus, the version 2.0 of Mxit - a South African Chat App. Things changed when Sam Rufus Nallaraj (CEO, GluePlus) was hired to lead the organization that started off with bringing Mxit to India. But soon the company realized that it was unwise to compete with the already existing virality of its competitors and quickly transformed the business and rechristened as GluePlus (acronym being Gather, Locate, Understand & Execute) as an IT Products & Services Company that successfully created and delivered three products to three South African clients in a span of just nine months since its second version. "Post a strategic thought, I proposed a second transformation of the company - that of being a single product company. Developing multiple products and serving multiple clients diluted both the services offering and our brand. Once approved by our board, we became a single product company and wanted to invest sharply in 'The Community Product - The GluePlus Church App'," says Sam, a product that is well aligned with the GluePlus guiding philosophy of 'making a positive dent in the world'.

Exploring the Untapped Market

Overcoming all the initial crunches of hiring talent resources to getting the technology stack right, to the Herculean task of getting the company registered in India, GluePlus today strongly serves the community domain and is specifically developing the Church Management product for the largely untapped church market that holds immense potential, especially in the US and western world. But being located in Hyderabad, India has its additional perks of bringing clear economics of scale, cost arbitrage, availability of a large talent pool and others.

With its most esteemed client The Pearl City Church, Hyderabad, using the version 1 of the Church product in India, the company is quickly learning and unlearning from the feedback, thus making radical changes to the product. The company has a robust product roadmap that encompasses feedback from some mega and medium-sized churches both in India and abroad. "We have an exciting pipeline of clients who have already expressed interest in leveraging the version 2 of the product that is soon to be rolled out," asserts Sam.

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