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Future of Test Automation Tools & Infrastructure

Anand Bagmar
Thursday, January 6, 2011
Anand Bagmar
There are some specific trends noticeable in the way we do UI-based test automation. Technology has advanced, new interfaces have been created, and, as a result, new tools have been developed that changed our way of doing test automation.

Evolution of Test Automation Frameworks
Let us revisit how the test automation tools and frameworks have evolved.
l The crux of any automation framework is its core engine.
l The traditional record-and-playback set of tools sit on top of this core framework.
l The rigidity and difficulty (amongst other factors) in customizing the standard record and playback scripts resulted in the new layer being added - that of the Custom Frameworks.

Custom Frameworks are our customized scripts that do optimal record and playback. These frameworks can be of any type as depicted in the picture on the side.

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