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Do It Yourself TABLET PC’ Course from JetKing

Hari Anil
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Hari Anil
After PCs and laptops, tablet PCs are a natural progression in the global technology ecosystem. Now an enormous range of well equipped, user friendly, highly expensive tablets are available in the market. But what happens when this expensive device develops technical difficulties? What if a malfunctioning part is not easily repairable? What can be done if one is forced to take apart the device to trace the source of the trouble? These are the issues Jetking Infotrain is addressing by launching the world’s first ‘Do It Yourself Tablet PC’. The Jetking DIY Tablet PC is one-of-a-kind device that allows the user to assemble and install the Tablet on his own.

The DIY Tablet runs on Android operating system which has been adopted by more than 60 percent of smart phones & tablets today. The company also offers a 12-day ‘hands-on’ practical based course. This is a certification program by Jetking and can enhance the overall job opportunities of the candidate. After the completion of the course, the first 500 students are given the finished tablets for free. Along with assembling, students are also taught topics such as tablet troubleshooting, tablet synchronization on the cloud, and tablet application understanding.

“Apart from benefitting from our over 60 years of experience, students can get the direct advantage of our pioneering practices in imparting training whenever a new technology is introduced. Be it assembly or maintenance training, right from the time of the Radio and later to Transistors and then from Computers to now the Tablet,” says Harsh Bharwani, VP, International Business and Dedicated Services, Jetking Infotrain. The course is currently offered in all Jetking’s in the Metros’ across the country.

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