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Current BPO Industry Trends 2010

Keshav Murugesh
Wednesday, May 5, 2010
Keshav Murugesh
The years that have gone by have been defining moments in many ways for the economies in general and the BPO services in particular. They have made us realign our thinking, question some convictions and relook at some issues. In all, we see some paradigm shifts which have enabled us to align to these realities. The times ahead are going to be even more challenging, capital scarce and we will need to modulate our strategies to account for that environment.

Trends point towards a greater IT adoption in retail, healthcare, telecom and BFSI (the banking, financial services and insurance vertical) and 80 percent of growth to come from new areas. BFSI contributes almost 41 percent to the industry’s revenues. With BPOs moving up the value chain to provide such high-end services as business analytics and knowledge-based services through a mix of re-engineering skills, technology-enabled platforms, new operating models and increased depth of services, BPO exports are estimated to grow 6 percent to $12.4 billion (over Rs. 57,000 crore).

Why off- shoring makes more sense now?

Traditionally, cost rationalization was a compelling reason for corporates to consider outsourcing/off-shoring in the first place. Post the economic downturn, it came back to being an important reason for corporates to revisit their strategy for off-shoring and push it more aggressively.

With green shoots appearing in the economic scenario, proliferation of technology in various sectors and an increasing number of companies going global, Asia is witnessing a marked rise in IT spend. While Asia-Pacific constitutes about 10percent share of the total global IT services market, IT spend in the region is growing at a much faster rate compared to the mature markets. IT spending is a precursor to IT and BPO outsourcing and Asia-Pacific will attract increased competition, being the fastest growing geography with an estimated growth of 10 percent, according to a NASSCOM* report.

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